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How long does an order take?
Weighted blankets and other items usually arrive within 3 to 4 weeks.  Weighted vests currently take 4 to 8 weeks.
If you have put a Rush on your order, allow about 7 business days. (2 weeks for vest orders )
I need my order fast. How does the RUSH option work?
We can not put one order ahead of another, but if you need it "now" we can put someone on over-tine and  get your order
out in 7 business days.  There is a 15.00 charge for blankets and for vests.  There is a 6.00 charge for anything else.  If you
place a rush on one item in your order, you will need to place a rush on all of them so they can ship together.
There is a rush link on the buy a blanket page near the bottom.
Call if you have any questions.
How much is shipping?
US shipping runs 10.00 for up to 14 pounds. Then it averages about 1.00 a pound over 14 pounds.  
Plushes are 10.00each. Weighted vests ship separately and are 20.00 per vest. Click on the USPS logo for details.

Is my credit and personal information secure on this site?
Yes.  Salt of the Earth Weighted Gear does not share your information with anyone or even store it.
We use Pay Pal  for card processing.  You can use your credit card or your Pay Pal account
How do I select the print I want?
When you purchase from the buy a blanket page (or the buy a vest ...etc...) there will be a place to type in
the print number and print description.
What kind of fabrics do you use?
Our products are made with quality 100% cotton print top and two 100% cotton inner layers.  The blanket backs are quality
poly/cotton blend in a corresponding solid color. We use  this fabric for it's smooth hand.       (Some of the fabrics on the
SPECIALTY FABRICS PAGE are not 100% cotton.)
Is the fine grade river stone safe?
Yes. You may have read on another site that it is porous, that it won't dry, that it is sharp and will wear out the blanket, that
it will mold and  other things.  With all due respect to the author of that site, none of this is true.  Fine grade river stone is
just that. It is natural, clean, smooth and certainly not porous. But if you prefer polly bead, it is a good product too and we
will use it at your request.
How do I decide how much weight to have put into an item?
We at Salt Of The Earth Weighted Gear are not Professional Occupational Therapists. The advice we offer is based on
recommendations offered by most O.T.s but not all.
It is important that you get the recommendation of  your own OT.
There are general guides for blanket weight can be found on the Buy a Blanket page
There are general guides for vest weight is on the Buy a Vest page here.
How do I decide on the size for a blanket?
A weighted blanket should at least reach from the chin to a few inches past the toes.
Because the weight is embedded in the body area of the blanket, a small child can use a size A, B, C, CXL, or D.
If the blanket will be carried to different places, like in the car and in the family room,
the smallest size that fits the user is recommended.
If the blanket will always stay on the bed, larger sizes are recommended.
See blanket size chart here
How do I decide on the size for a weighted vest?
Please use the size charts on the vest page and measure carefully.
The vest will be adjustable by about 2 inches on each side.
What is your return policy?
If you decide you want a different size, weight, color or fill than you ordered, you may return it in unused condition within
15 days and we will replace it or refund your money. The postage will be your responsibility. If your order is defective or
is not the size,weight, print or fill that you ordered, return it in unused condition within 30 days and we will replace it or
refund your money. We will cover the postage. We cannot offer refunds on special orders.
How do I wash my blanket or vest?
To wash a weighted blanket or vest, fill your washer with cool water and mild detergent.  Add the weighted blanket or vest
and 2 or 3 heavy bath towels. Wash on gentle cycle, using the wet towels to balance the machine during the spin cycles.  
Line dry only
How do I order by mail?
Print the order form below and send with check , money order, or credit information to:
Salt of the Earth Weighted Gear    -  414 Rd  D 1050    -    Henderson, NE   68371
Other Questions? Comments? Special instructions on your order?  You may call or leave them here:
What do I need to know about ordering?
*You can order on line , by phone or by mail.  We accept all major credit cards.  
On the check out page you will be given the option of using your credit card or your Pay Pal account.*
*When you order, please be sure to specify what print you want your item done in. There will be a place for you to type it in.
*We accept purchase orders from authorized businesses (FAX #  1-800-345-0579)
*All orders are custom made to your specifications.  Please allow 3 to 4 weeks for delivery, 4 to 6 weeks for vests.
Do you take purchase orders?
We welcome purchase orders from businesses. Your purchase order may be mailed to us at:
Salt of the Earth Weighted Gear,  Road D 1050,  Henderson NE,  68371  
Or it may be FAXED to 1-800-345-0579
When sending a purchase order please be sure to include all ordering information. (Billing offices often do not understand
that our products are custom made and we must know the size, weight and print.
How can I contact you?
Complete contact information is in the box at the bottom of this page.
I placed an order, but I forgot to pay postage for extra weight or for a rush .
If you already made your payment, but you need to send more , click on this link:
This page is a place for you to ask questions or leave special instructions with an order.
Here are some answers to Frequent
ly Asked Questions:
If you wish to talk to a live person, please feel free to call
402-723-5229     Ask for Annie.

We are honored to have your business!


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